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Have some questions regarding our system?

What is the Forex4Idiots Easy Day Trading System?

The Forex4Idiots Easy Day Trading System is exactly what it says. It is a very easy straight forward day trading system. This system will teach you a very easy to use and understand day trading system for the forex.

Because no 2 people learn alike, we cover multiple mediums to get the point of the system across. There will be a document explaining exactly how the system work. There will also be narrated video showing you how to use the system to identify trades, enter them and exit them. This system averages 2-3 trades per day in the London Session and 2-3 trades per day in the US Session. So no matter when you like to trade, this system will work for you. The system will more than likely work during the Asian hours, but no testing has been done to prove or disprove this.

What Currency Pairs Does This Work With?

For testing purposes we use the GBP/USD pair exclusively. However, with some minor changes in trading style, you can easily and effectively make this system work with virtually any Cross Pair. Best results are with GBP/USD followed by USD/JPY, EUR/USD, USD/CHF. Because the trades are 15-20 pips at a time, high spread pairs are not recommended, as this will dramatically decrease the effectiveness of the system.

Will I Need Any Special Software?

Kinda, nothing you need to pay for though. We have a preferred charting software we use to demonstrate the system. You will be given details on where to "freely" obtain this software and how to setup the charts to identify and execute trades.

All other software will be available for download directly from the members area.

How Do I Know This System Actually Works?

Once you sign up, you will have access to all of our backtesting information used to create this system. Once you take a look at how this information was gathered and calculated, you will no doubt know how effective this system really is.

All of the testing was recorded onto a spreadsheet which we will share with you. Also, you will be able to load up the charting software and see exact entry and exit points over a 4 month period for every single trade. This will very clearly display the ease and power of this system. We are not hiding anything from you. All the information collected to create this system is yours to view, manipulate and expand upon.

Why Would You Tell People About This?

Some people ask, why we would share a trading secret with the general public or retail traders, and this is a very easy answer. Because of how the Forex works if we told everyone on the planet how this system worked, it would not take any money out of our pockets. The Forex is not individually competitive. Most traders keep there trading style a secret because they think they are special. We know how hard and frustrating it can be to find an effective system to trade the Forex with and are more than willing to share our collective knowledge with anyone who cares to know. (For a price of course). We won't give you the fish, but we'll teach you how to catch them.

How Much Can I Potentially Make?

This is always the bottom line. Everyone wants to know how much they can make. This is not an easy answer to give. This number changes dramatically depending on what pip spread your broker gives you, how much margin you are willing to risk, how often you trade, how many lots you buy at a time etc, etc. You will see how we turned $1000 into $900K+ in 4 short months. Your level of risk and commitment will determine how much you make. However, once you see how easy it is to use this system, we feel 100% confident you will be able to consistently make money day after day.

Don't Wait Any Longer to Start Making Huge Profits in the Forex Currency Trading World.